About True Impact & How To Rent a Billboard with Us

Make Smarter OOH Buying Decisions Based on Data

Why OOH?

Billboard Advertising is an age old medium that is currently seeing a renaissance, not because it is “retro” but because it works!  

We now face an era in marketing & advertising where consumers have more control over what they see. As a result, advertisers are now dealing with more difficulties than ever when it comes to trying to connect with their target audiences in their homes or on their phones. 

 Out-of-home Advertising is probably the last place where the consumer doesn’t control the advertising space.  You can’t turn it off.  You can’t mute it.  You can’t fast forward it.  You can’t block it.   

If you are looking to raise brand recognition, reach your target audient, and ramp up your outdoor advertising strategy, True Impact Media can help. OOH advertising ensures you pick when & where you reach your customers.

If you don’t know how to buy a billboard to rent out, the average billboard advertising cost, or what you need to do to get started with OOH advertising in general, our experts are here to help. Let us help you buy outdoor advertising space and take your marketing initiatives to the next level.

About Us: Who is True Impact?

We’re advertisers, technologists, and big fans of outdoor advertising.  Despite all of that, we’re frustrated by the OOH searching & buying process so we decided to do something about it.

In today’s marketing world where technology is king, True Impact is paving the way to change how Outdoor Ad Media can be bought. That is why we chose to create a Technology Company, with the purpose of developing a universal OOH Media Buying Platform. Whether you are looking to gain a new advertising space and sign a billboard lease or you are the property owner and are looking to rent out your billboard space, our OOH advertising platform can handle all of your OOH needs.

Why Choose True Impact?

Ever wondered how to rent a billboard? Don’t know how much that billboard cost would be? Our team is here to simplify the entire process for you. We understand that starting out with outdoor advertising can be a complicated process.
Buying OOH media on your own is typically cumbersome and exhausting. Keeping track of quotes from multiple vendors and finding the best placements for your business can be much more targeted and data-driven when using the True Impact Media Platform.

We make Out-of-Home Media Buying simple and there is no better way to execute a billboard advertising campaign than using the True Impact Platform. It is higher performing and gives you much more control than a traditional media buying agency or buying OOH direct from a billboard company.

True Impact is effecient, flexible, & smart.
And we’re built to help manage every aspect of your OOH advertising campaigns.

What does it cost?

True Impact has no upfront fees or contracts.  It is free to create RFP, see all your OOH options and plan great campaigns.  The prices you see are the prices you pay. 

Our service is responsive and accountable — unencumbered by the rigidity found in legacy organizations.


Every business should be seen

Become better known to your local audience

true impact


Using data to identify the right markets, formats and budgets for your objectives


Your sole point of contact for every OOH format (digital + traditional) in every DMA


Printing, shipping and posting your campaign — on time and at competitive rates


Ensuring campaign success, providing proof of posting and performance reports

Advertising has never been easier!

Let’s launch your first ad campaign and you’ll see what we can do together.

How to rent a billboard with the

True Impact Media Buying Platform

Easily search, plan, buy, and manage your outdoor ad campaign in-house 

how to rent a billboard

Create an RFPs

  • Set RFP requirements using custom targeting features and geo-fencing
  • Target with our proprietary demographic data
  • Target by using your own internal data to boost traffic
  • Target by points of interest

Review and Plan

  • Utilize our data & metrics to evaluate the best placements for your brand in order to reach your target audience
  • See all the options available from any OOH Vendor in any market
  • Create an OOH media plan based Impression & CPM targets
  • Leverage our Account Executives to help you buy the best media available to you meets your goals

Negotiate, Buy, and Contract

  • Receive package pricing
  • Leverage our historical rate database
  • We consolidate contracts with multiple vendors into one
  • Execute buys at scale at the click of a button
  • Save the trees: eSign your contracts with us online.
  • Manage all of your invoices and contracts with our virtual record keeping

Manage Your Creative

  • Upload your creative files and coordinate them with your purchases
  • Review and approve proofs
  • Consolidate and coordinate your design efforts and production
  • Provide access to creative teams for direct asset management

Get Your Proof of Purchase

  • Get instantaneous Proof of Purchase of your installs
  • Audit your campaigns to esnure every install is correct


Measure Results

  • Measure the performance of your placements as our account executives decipher which placements had the highest level of impressions on your target audience for the money spent in order to improve upon your next media buys.

Get ready to search your ad space?

Millions of OOH items from various operators are waiting for your ad campaign