Street Furniture OOH

Bring your ad campaign to the streets with innovative street furniture ads in vibrant cities like New York and San Francisco. Park benches, bus stops, banners, and more—street furniture is a great means of showcasing your brand. You can reach your target audience every step of the way throughout their commute. Street furniture and street outdoor advertising can reach pedestrians and car drivers alike.

Check out the types of Street Furniture OOH

bus bench advertisement

Bus Benches

Your next customer is waiting for the bus at this very moment. Catch their attention with a bus bench ad that sticks with them all day. Whether you go all out with custom art or keep it simple with a QR code and a slogan, True Impact Media can help you make bus stop advertising fun—and effective—again.

Transit & Bus Shelters

Bus shelter advertising is the perfect way to catch commuters and errand runners on the go. With a bus shelter ad right next to the route map, you’re sure to grab the attention of public transit users from all walks of life. Give your customers something worth seeing—and something to think about—while they wait for the bus, train, or subway.

airport advertising

City Trash Cans

One brand’s trash is another brand’s treasure. Turn everyday objects into advertising gold. City trash cans offer unique canvases for your logo, slogan, or QR code, making every day an opportunity to plant your brand in the minds of city dwellers and consumers.

Street Banners

Whether you’re planning an OOH campaign in a bustling metropolis or rural downtown strip, street banners are simple, effective, and impossible to miss. Send eyes to the sky with a massive overhead banner. Perfect for short-term promotions, events, product launches, and announcements, banners take up space overhead—and in your customers’ heads.

street banner ad Supreme
airport advertising

Urban Panels/ Kiosks

Incorporate informational kiosks and urban panels into your street furniture advertising campaign. Captivating tourists and locals alike, kiosks in bustling cities are the perfect place to make your mark. True Impact Media can help you turn an empty city panel into an unforgettable brand display.

City Info Pillars

For a well-trafficked ad location, look no further than city info pillars. Whether you’re sharing ad space with upcoming city events or an interactive map, info pillars always attract passersby—long-time locals, temporary tourists, and everyone in between. For future customers with questions, your ad will be the answer.

3d rendering advertising poster on the city
Billboard with advertising of a teenage girl with cellphone

Phone Kiosks

For traditional charm with an innovative twist, phone kiosk advertising is calling your name. With phone kiosks in every major city, this street advertising campaign can go global in a heartbeat. For international recognition, you can take your ads to Budapest, Bologna, Beijing, and beyond; for local visibility, find phone kiosks right in your backyard.

Benefits of Street Furniture OOH

Street furniture OOH offers numerous advantages, making it a smart choice for businesses aiming to increase brand awareness and media solutions:

  • Cost-effective: Relative to TV advertising or even other types of OOH advertising, street furniture advertising can be a lot more affordable. Especially when you take into account the large reach that this form of advertising can have, the cost per impression is relatively low.
  • High exposure and reach: Wait times at bus stations can be high. In this case capturing your audience for extended periods of time creates an opportunity for them to really absorb and engage with your advertisement.
  • Creativity: Bus shelter advertising has brought about many clever ideas. The shape of a shelter or the function of a street bench has allowed marketers to run with their creative direction to really wow their audience.

Bring your branding to the block with innovative street furniture campaigns.

Leverage the power of digital street furniture advertising and outdoor billboards with True Impact Media. We specialize in turning bus kiosks, bus shelters, subway station walls, and park benches into potent tools for brand promotion, ensuring your campaign reaches small businesses and individual consumers effectively.

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