Traditional OOH

Marrying new tech with tried-and-true advertising strategies for the perfect OOH campaign.These media have been around for decades and are still just as essential to your marketing mix as ever. Brand awareness is at the forefront of traditional ooh advertising. Placement in high trafficked areas allow you to get in front of your target audience.

Check out the types of Traditional OOH:

Airport backit diorama


Billboard marketing may date back to the 1830s, but this isn’t your great-great-grandmother’s advertising. Our OOH billboard advertising combines proven-effective strategies with traditional and digital technologies to create head-turning billboard ads on major thoroughfares. We’ll put your brand on display—and on the map with any type of billboard you’re looking for.

Junior Bulletins

A small space with a big message—junior bulletins are the perfect OOH tool for advertising at eye level. Catch your customers’ eyes on the street, at the subway station, or outside of their favorite shops. Our junior bulletins combine grassroots tactics with fresh designs for maximum impact.

Junior bulletin
airport advertising


In today’s digital world, paper stands out. Poster campaigns are perfect for short-term deals, specials, and events—bringing your business to your neighbors. Want to add pull tabs, selfie backdrops, QR codes, or other interactive elements? Our campaigns are all about innovation, marrying traditional ad opportunities with modern solutions.

Digital Billboards

The definition of traditional advertising methods with modern invention, digital billboard advertising campaigns are more than just bright lights in the big city. We bring your brand the recognition it deserves with can’t-miss, adjustable signage. Whether you create a minimal design or fill every pixel with color, digital billboard advertising is a perfect choice for your next OOH campaign.

ooh billboards for rent


What’s more spectacular than a billboard? Think Times Square, Fenway Park, LAX—think seriously big. Light up the sky for all the world to see with massive advertising displays in highly populated areas. It’s impossible to miss your message with True Impact’s spectaculars.


When size matters, bigger is always better. It’s time to give your brand the space it deserves—the entire side of a building, for example. True Impact Media’s wallscapes catch eyes, turn heads, and start conversations, placed strategically in urban areas with high vehicle and foot traffic. If these walls could talk, they’d shout about you from the rooftops.r.

ooh billboards for rent
airport advertising

Wall Murals

Whether your brand embodies rustic charm or sleek, clean lines, a wall mural is the perfect way to make your presence known. We combine custom art with OOH strategies that work to revolutionize outdoor advertising. Need a QR code or a selfie station? No problem. Take up the space your brand deserves with a captivating wall mural.

Benefits of Traditional OOH

Traditional OOH advertising is essential for reach, brand recognition, and ultimately sales. Overlooking this essential piece of the puzzle in your marketing mix would be a mistake. Learn the benefits of traditional OOH to see how your brand could benefit.

  • Reach
    With traditional OOH advertising you’re able to get in front of a large audience. In recent years, we have seen a large decline in cable TV and radio. Additionally, ad blockers are also getting in the way of advertising methods. Traditional OOH is a tried and true way to reach the masses.
  • Attention Grabbing
    The creative direction you can use with your traditional OOH campaign is unmatched. Displaying and promoting your brand message and brand identity can allow you to connect with your consumer.
  • Targeting
    Reaching your target audience is simple with placing your traditional OOH advertisement in an area where your potential consumer frequents. Whether you are looking to target a highly affluent target audience or more of a middle class audience, you can place your ads in specific locations with whatever demographic your brand is most likely to resonate with.

Bring Your Brand to the World with a True Impact OOH Campaign

Patience may be a virtue, but time is money. With True Impact Media, you can start an innovative, out-of-this-world advertising campaign faster than you can say “ROI.” Search for a space today.

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