Digital OOH

Ready for digital OOH that turns heads? Turn to True Impact Media. Digital OOH is mixing traditional forms of advertising OOH with new technologies to really wow audiences. Digital billboard advertising leverages cutting-edge digital technology to deliver dynamic outdoor advertising messages; digitize your OOH media to capture your audience and achieve brand recognition. Unlike a traditional static billboard, a digital display offers more flexibility and creative possibilities for advertisers.

Check out the types of Digital OOH Advertising:



Digital billboards and bulletins are the bread and butter of today’s OOH campaigns. With outdoor digital advertising, you’re not limited to flyers and posters anymore—you can add moving images, scrolling text, and interactive elements to your ad campaign. Whether outdoors or inside a building, your digital bulletin is sure to catch the attention of your future customers. Digital billboard advertisements and LED signs are highly effective in high traffic areas, capturing the attention of a large audience. Investigate whether investing in billboard art in New York City will supplement your marketing campaign.


If paper posters are grassroots, digital posters are worldwide—far-reaching, elite. Instead of paper pull-tabs, you can incorporate QR codes for increased viewer engagement and ROI. Upgrade your small-time telephone pole flyers to big-league digital posters with long-term usage and potential. Consider investing in subway advertising by placing digital billboards in subway cars or stations to increase brand awareness.

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Street Kiosks

Meet your consumers where they are with street kiosks they can’t miss. For digital OOH advertising that combines traditional visibility with innovative and adaptable strategies, look no further than digital street kiosk ads. Strategically placed in high-impact areas, tourists and locals alike will leave with a lasting impression of your brand.


Is a digital billboard too small for your brand’s big ideas? Think bigger, better, and brighter with True Impact Media’s spectaculars. These massive, eye-catching displays are placed in highly populated areas for maximum impact. As your brand starts to grow, use spectaculars to let potential customers know. Consider researching digital billboard advertising options in Time Square of New York City to increase brand exposure significantly.

Traditional OOH

Benefits of Digital OOH

Digital OOH advertising can be highly beneficial for your brand. The interactive nature is unique and allows a brand to really make an impression on their audience. Brand awareness and reach can be achieved with digital ad placements. Learn the benefits of digital OOH to see if it is the right advertising solution for your brand.

  • Attention grabbing
    Movement on a screen rather than static images, like on a traditional billboard, are known to capture attention at a higher rate. The user is likely to stop and watch the whole advertisement allowing for longer brand engagement. The vibrant visuals of an LED sign make it a powerful tool for engaging the average passersby in busy downtown areas.
  • Cannot Block OOH
    With the recent limitations posed by privacy implications to advertising online, OOH’s advantage is that it can’t be blocked. Furthermore, it’s not intrusive like online ads that follow you in your journey across the web.
  • Management with Programmatic Technology
    DOOH provides more flexibility than traditional billboards and OOH by allowing you to have more control on when, where, and how often you want your ads to display.
  • Digital billboards can be integrated into a broader marketing campaign, complementing other forms of digital and outdoor advertising. Electronic billboards provide advertisers with the ability to update their messaging quickly and efficiently in case the marketing campaign shifts focus.

Pique your customers’ attention with peak visibility and engagement.

It’s time to bring your brand into the 21st century. We’re ready to transform your branding with vibrant digital ads for the whole world to see. If your company is embracing the future, our experts can help your OOH campaign do the same—start by searching ad spots today. Find the ideal billboard locations and prices for your campaigns.

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