True Impact Gives You Access To Every Type of Outdoor Advertising 

We help you find Out-of-Home advertising opportunities across all forms of OOH media. Below are the primary examples of OOH Inventory we have within our platform.


digital billboards

Traditional OOH:

  • Bulletins
  • Junior  Bulletins
  • Posters
  • Digital Billboards
  • Spectaculars
  • Wallscapes
  • Wall Murals
Rent OOH street billboards

Street Furniture:

  • Bus Benches
  • Transit & Bus Shelters
  • City Trash Cans
  • Street Banners
  • Urban Panels/Kiosks
  • City Info Pillars
  • Phone Kiosks
Bus Shelter Advertising
airport advertising

Transit Media:

  • Airport Advertising

  • Buses (wraps, kongs, kings, queens, taillights, & interiors)

  • Interstate Rail Lines

  • Subway and Bus Stations

  • Taxi Cab

  • Rideshare

  • Mobile Truck Advertising

ooh billboards for rent

Place-based Media:

  • Elevators
  • Experiential
  • Indoor (bars/restaurants)
  • Wild Postings
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Cinema
  • Arenas & Stadiums
  • Shopping Malls
ooh billboards for rent
digital billboards

Digital Outdoor:

  • Bulletins
  • Posters
  • Street Kiosks
  • Spectaculars

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