Columbus Billboard and OOH Advertising

Discover game-changing OOH opportunities to build brand awareness in Ohio’s capital.

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Why Outdoor Advertising in Columbus, OH?

A booming tech industry, bohemian arts scene, and a bustling college campus? Columbus has a bit of everything for your advertising needs, drawing in a young, active, innovative crowd. In a city where people are constantly exploring, your Columbus outdoor advertising is sure to be seen and appreciated. 

Beyond being a modern Midwest metropolis, Columbus also features a rich history and beautiful outdoor venues—which means that there are countless locations for your next billboard message.

Where to OOH Advertise in the Columbus area?

Make a name for your brand with a billboard location for potential customers along Scioto Mile, featuring highly-frequented urban parks and major tourist attractions. Or launch a family-friendly marketing campaign centered around locals at the COSI science center in the bustling downtown Columbus area. Looking to attract a different target audience? Our best-in-class outdoor media marketing opportunities can help you make a splash with a collegiate crew. Just place your billboards in the right location, like next to Buckeyes Stadium or direct your outdoor advertising efforts towards a client on the crowded campus streets.

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Demographics of Columbus, OH

With True Impact Media OOH in Columbus, you can customize your advertising campaign for a cutting-edge city. Known as the Midwest’s tech hub, Columbus is home to tech-savvy consumers that can keep up with your innovative advertising campaigns. 

Appealing to a target market of all ages? In a city that blends history with modernity, locals and tourists, sports fans and startup founders, we’ll ensure that your Columbus billboards always engage the right community.

Costs and Prices of OOH in Columbus

The outdoor advertising Columbus offers includes average inventory prices of under $1,200. Columbus, Ohio billboard advertising is a steal and is a versatile advertising destination that offers exciting—and inexpensive— opportunity to invest in new markets, potential customers and consumers. Experiment with messaging, location, design, and more. 

Your brand awareness can increase in this innovative Midwest metropolis for significantly less than in other cities. Average billboard costs come in at: 

  • Large bulletin billboard: $1,750
  • Large digital billboard: $2,500
  • Medium poster billboard: $900
  • Medium digital billboard: $1,100

No matter what form of OOH you choose, each True Impact Columbus billboard or digital poster comes with easy digital management, a responsive support team, and venues carefully selected for optimal visibility. 

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Start Your OOH Advertising Campaign With True Impact Media

Building your brand in the Buckeye State? Find a new target market and form a new trend with True Impact Media on your side. Amplify your marketing strategy with the best OOH opportunities and unmatched access to premium Columbus venues. With decades of advertising expertise, we know how to tailor the entire OOH advertising process to your brand’s unique needs, from targeted messaging to custom design. 

Launching your campaign in Columbus, Ohio, is as easy as contacting us today.