Houston Billboards and OOH

Our Out-of-Home advertising inventory covers the highly diverse Houston city. We have extensive experience in the area.
1. Grow your Brand awareness in Houston
2. Choose from a wide variety of OOH ads to reach different Segments
3. Target and retarget to achieve your goals

Aerial View of Downtown Dallas at Dusk

Why OOH in Hosuton?

OOH billboards in Houston or any other OOH media can be targeted by the various segments of the market, such as demographic and neighborhoods. You can pinpoint who you want to reach and do it consistently. Houston has a population of 2.3 M people. With the over 22 million visitors it receives, the area is fertile ground for brand awareness, and OOH is up to the task.

Where to OOH Advertise in Houston, TX

Houston billboards in or outside a stadium such as NRG Stadium have the potential to reach thousands of fans on a single day during a game. Other effective outdoor advertising in Houston include taxicabs, Space Center Houston tourist attraction and poster advertising to reach travelers and visitors. Wall murals, bus ads, and wallscapes will all help with brand recognition in Houston.

Bus Shelter Advertising
dallas public transportation

Demographics of Houston

Houston has a population of 2.3M, with 50.2% females. Persons under 18 years are 24.7%.

Costs of OOH in Houston

For a four-week campaign, the average cost of OOH digital billboard advertising in Houston is $5.25k and $2.98k for street furniture. Wallscape cost is $8k and $20k transit advertising cost. Billboards in Houston will cost you an average of $1.43k.

white template placeholder of an advertising billboard on the rooftop of a modern building framed by trees

Ready to see your brand awareness grow in Houston?

Billboards in Houston and other OOH media have the potential to grow your visibility to new heights. The city is one of the most populous in Texas, and with a population of 2.3M, there’s an excellent opportunity for your business to grow.

Our team at True Impact Media is ready to assist you in making the right choice. Partner with us today and see your OOH ad reach your target market and grow your customer base. Contact us!