Montreal Billboard and OOH Advertising

Unleash your message against Montreal’s dynamic backdrop, where vibrant artistry meets urban allure.

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Why OOH in Montreal?

Elevate your brand’s visibility in the cosmopolitan hub of Montreal through strategic outdoor advertising. With its diverse demographic and bustling urban landscape, leverage the abundance of foot and vehicular traffic to deploy a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing strategy, cultivating brand awareness, fostering customer relationships, and ensuring a lasting impact for your message in this dynamic metropolis.

Where to OOH Advertise in Montreal 

Unlock the potential of Montreal billboards with diverse prime locations:

  • Palais des congrès de Montréal – Ideal for conventions and events.
  • Bell Centre – Central hub for sports and entertainment.
  • High-traffic areas like Sainte-Catherine Street – Capturing pedestrian attention.
  • Montréal-Trudeau International Airport – Reaching over 20 million annual passengers.

From business districts to cultural hotspots, launch your impactful billboard advertising in Montreal and connect with your target audience seamlessly.

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Demographics of Montreal, Canada

Seize the moment with out-of-home (OOH) advertising in Montreal, Canada. With its diverse neighborhoods and a population exceeding 4.3 million, your billboard campaign gains real-time visibility. Catering to an audience with an average household income of $82,589, Montreal provides an ideal canvas for showcasing your business and brand to a thriving market.

Costs of OOH in Montreal

Unlock the potential of your billboard campaign in Montreal, Canada, with informed decision-making. Understanding the market dynamics, consider these average costs for billboard advertising:

  • 8 sheet (60″w x 80″h) $253.64 – $634.1
  • 32 sheet (160″w x 120″h) $634.1 – $1690.92
  • 48 sheet (240″w x 120″h) $845.46 – $12681.9
  • 64 sheet (320″w x 120″h) $845.46 – $16909.2
  • 96 sheet (480w” x120″h) $1014.55 – $21136.5
  • Bulletins (576w x 168h”) $1268.19 – $25363.8 

Navigate your advertising goals effectively by aligning your budget with strategic choices. True Impact Media stands ready to guide your campaign for optimal impact and results.

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Discover the Power of OOH Advertising in Montreal with True Impact Media

Whether you’re elevating an existing outdoor campaign or venturing into outdoor advertising for the first time, True Impact Media is your best choice to launch your advertising endeavors.


Benefit from competitive rates and compelling display choices as our expert team ensures your business gains the exposure needed to captivate both the vibrant local population and the annual influx of visitors.

Connect with our team today and make a lasting impact through OOH advertising in Montreal!