Vancouver Billboard and OOH Advertising

From ski slopes to sushi spots, kick-start your business with billboard advertising in the bustling city of Vancouver today

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Why OOH in Vancouver, Canada?

Vancouver’s lively streets and diverse population make it the perfect location for outdoor advertising that stands out. Whether on foot or in a vehicle, locals and tourists alike are constantly on the move, providing an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to build brand recognition and establish connections. With a blend of urban energy and natural beauty, billboard advertising in Vancouver promises to deliver a powerful message that will resonate with audiences across all walks of life.

Where to OOH Advertise in Vancouver?

Want to grab the attention of your Vancouver audience with billboards? We’ve got some great suggestions to start with:

  • SkyTrain stations – Vancouver’s famous elevated transit system is used by millions every day and is an excellent platform for promoting your brand.

  • Stanley Park – If you want to connect with nature enthusiasts, hikers, joggers, and families, consider billboards near or inside Stanley Park, a natural oasis right in the middle of the city.

  • Canada Place – The city’s premier cruise ship terminal and convention center, Canada Place is the ideal spot for marketing your travel, tourism, or event business.

  • Commercial Drive – Often known as the ‘Little Italy’ of Vancouver, this neighborhood is a thriving hub of art, culture, and indie businesses, perfect for targeting young, hip, and socially conscious audiences.

Whether you’re looking to promote your products, services, or message, Vancouver’s billboard opportunities offer a wealth of possibilities. From busy transit routes to iconic landmarks to vibrant streetscapes, we can help you find the right spot to achieve your advertising goals today.

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Demographics of Vancouver, Canada

Looking to effectively showcase your brand or business in Vancouver, Canada? Look no further than out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Boasting a population of over 660,000, Vancouver is a diverse metropolis with endless opportunities to engage your target audience. Plus, with an average household income of $42,000, residents of Vancouver are well positioned to support businesses that catch their attention.

So if you’re ready to capture the hearts and minds of your audience, get started with OOH advertising today.

Costs of OOH in Vancouver

Looking for a way to promote your business in Vancouver, Canada? Consider billboard advertising! With the right research and strategy, billboards can be an excellent way to increase visibility and attract new customers. However, keep in mind that several factors like location, size, and design can affect the cost of your billboard campaign.

In Vancouver, the cost of billboard advertising varies depending on the type of billboard you choose:

  • Billboards (Jr posters, posters, bulletins) – $800 – $5,000
  • Digital Billboards (Info panels, digital posters and bulletins)- $1,000 – $7,000

At the end of the day, your billboard campaign should align with your budget and business objectives. That’s where our team at True Impact Media comes in. We specialize in helping businesses in Vancouver create effective billboard campaigns that deliver real results.

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Discover Your Perfect OOH Strategy in Vancouver with True Impact Media

Looking to boost your business’ visibility in Vancouver? Look no further than True Impact Media. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in delivering the perfect mix of cost-effectiveness and engaging display options, helping you connect with locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re interested in large-format billboards, transit shelter ads, or street furniture displays, we’ll work with you to create a dynamic, impactful campaign that captures the unique energy and vibe of Vancouver. Ready to get started? Contact our team today to discover the power of OOH advertising in Vancouver!