5 Trends in Out of Home Advertising

While home advertising like television commercials and direct mail remains a critical tool in reaching consumers, marketing opportunities and payoff increase when advertisers implement out of home, or OOH, advertising.

OOH advertising is a type of marketing campaign that can be found outside of the house—such as billboards, public transportation ads, and posters. As such, it can reach a large number of consumers.

While this form of marketing is based in traditional advertising—the first billboard made its debut in the early 19th century—it has endless potential for growth with the advent of new location technologies and its capacity for delivering engaging, sometimes interactive, visuals with Digital OOH

To that end, let’s dive into 5 trends in out of home advertising that are expected to make an impact in 2022.

#1 Digital Ads

We’d be remiss not to mention a predicted increase in digital OOH advertising, from a digital billboard and kiosk to video advertisements that play while you pump gas. 

Essentially, brands and businesses are plugging in when it comes to OOH advertising. Before creating your OOH advertisement, you must first look into OOH media planning. Once you have followed those steps your advertising campaign can be extremely successful, just look at the numbers:1 

  • Past growth – Between 2020 and 2021, digital out-of-home advertising had projected growth of more than 19%.
  • Future projections – The trend continues: by 2023, experts expect digital advertising spending to balloon by more than a billion dollars—from $2.72 billion in 2020 to $3.84 billion. 

#2 Smart, Location-Based Ads 

Smart advertising uses technology to create ads that are dynamic, reactive, or interactive to capture the attention of the target audience in memorable ways. In addition, geofencing technology has allowed advertisers to display their ads in specific geographic locations depending on tiered demographic data, business locations, and other places of interest.

In 2022, expect to see increased spending on smart advertising options, like smart billboards and kiosks. Why? Cost plays a large role. It’s easier to transport a digital billboard to different locations. Plus, advertisers can display multiple rolling ads on one screen.

Here are a few examples of digital OOH advertising making a splash in 2022:

  • Smart billboards – There are many advantages of using billboards. Digital billboards equipped with innovative geofencing technology use the Internet and mobile networks to advertise more effectively to your target audience. When paired with GPS navigation apps, smart billboards can send targeted ads—like information on sales or directions to a nearby location—directly to nearby consumers.
  • Interactive ads – Facial recognition software that targets advertising content to specific consumers and interactive videos that allow consumers to play games or learn more information, will be big in 2022.
  • QR codes – Whether they’re decaled to a billboard or printed on a poster, QR codes allow consumers to use their own smartphones to pull up an advertiser’s page or promotion. In other words, consumers can access information instantly. QR codes can direct consumers to exclusive content or promotions, interactive videos, and touchless payment options. And they’ve become increasingly recognizable in recent years, making them a go-to for advertisers today and tomorrow. 
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#3 Creativity-Driven Ads

These days, crucial information like consumers’ spending habits, identity data, and behavioral information is more accessible than ever to advertisers. Add that to the ever-evolving nature of advertising technology and you’ve got a recipe for enhanced innovation and creativity—one of many OOH advertising trends you can expect to see this year. 

Here’s how you can capitalize on creativity:

  • Data-driven approaches – Companies are expected to rely even more heavily on consumer data to design ads that are more compelling, more creative, and more impactful.
  • In-house marketing teams – In 2022, more and more companies are expected to institute or expand their in-house marketing teams. This can lead to advertising campaigns that align more closely with an individual company’s goals and brand identity while encouraging greater collaboration and creativity. 
  • More storytelling in ads – These days, consumers are looking for a good story, and advertisers are catching on. Expect to see more serialized ads that tell captivating stories and feature recurring characters. 

#4 Multi-Channel Focused Ads

OOH trends expected to take hold in 2022 include the integration of classic OOH advertising with other formats and mediums, like:

  • Television ads
  • Online ads
  • Radio ads

In this way, advertisers will work to synchronize all of their advertising efforts to project a more consistent brand identity and messaging across various advertising formats and platforms.

#5 Cost-Effective Ads

Thanks to innovations in technology and improvements in how brands and businesses can collect and analyze consumer data, OOH advertising is expected to become more cost-effective—an exciting development for advertisers.

Essentially, it’ll cost less for businesses to engage in more focused, targeted advertising. This is thanks to:

  • Better media measurement – Gauging the reach of your advertisement is easier and less expensive thanks to improvements in technology that let you collect precise data about how consumers are interacting and responding to your ads.
  • Improved technology – Innovations in technology, like reactive smart billboards and Internet and mobile integration options, mean that businesses can waste less time and money on advertising strategies that don’t work and more on ones that do. 

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