The Power of AI and Advertising

For most people, the term “artificial intelligence” likely conjures fantastic images straight out of the best science fiction films—like fully autonomous androids that perform in incredibly life-like ways or robotic dogs that sit, run, and fetch on their own.

But the reality of artificial intelligence is a bit less futuristic. The truth is some form of AI is probably operating quietly throughout your day-to-day life, powering the algorithms that introduce you to new streaming shows or generating product suggestions that are almost uncanny in their accuracy. 

There’s also a good chance that AI marketing influences the advertisements you see when you leave home. Increasingly, advertisers are equipping content with AI-powered technology to improve business and consumer experiences.

Wondering more about how businesses are using AI in advertising for real-world results? Keep reading for everything you need to know about AI marketing.

How is AI Used in Advertising?

More and more, brands and businesses are using the power of AI in their marketing strategy to create ads that engage consumers and generate conversions. It combines the unparalleled data-harvesting power of computers with complicated human thought processes, enabling advertisers to target consumers more closely, track ad performance, customer data, and much, much more.

AI performs an array of complex analytical and predictive functions that would take the human mind hours to process. And the longer the system is utilized and the more data it’s fed, the faster and more accurate these processes become. Algorithms adapt to new inputs from user engagement, continually refining methods for analyzing data, predicting outcomes, and making recommendations.

Individual tasks that AI can assist with include:

  • Making ad content creation decisions in real time
  • Recognizing speech commands
  • Translating languages
  • Adjusting visual perception 

In other words, AI enables advertisers to collect and analyze enormous data sets. Then, advertisers leverage that data into practical applications for improving their marketing efforts, individual ads, and making more systemic changes in how they advertise to their target audience. 

AI and Advertising: How It Works

Brands and businesses are already using AI in advertising in several exciting ways. But they’re also investing billions of dollars into AI technology, so even more spectacular innovations are just around the corner when it comes to marketing automation.

In the meantime, brands and businesses are leveraging current capabilities to revitalize some of the most traditional OOH advertising methods and improve processes behind the scenes. A few examples of AI and advertising include:

  • AI billboards – The billboard is one of the most iconic forms of OOH advertising and remains a popular and effective way to reach consumers. But artificial intelligence is breathing new life into this classic method. An AI billboard can update itself in real-time to reflect up-to-the-minute real-world conditions. For example, one might read climate cues to generate weather-specific ads, like a department store billboard featuring raincoats when it’s raining.
  • Target ads – AI uses highly accurate customer data, enabling brands to target their ads with incredible precision. It can be useful in crafting specific ads or determining the most effective ad placement before campaigns are launched, helping brands realize higher and more consistent ROI.

Advertisers are also using AI in conjunction with scannable QR codes on billboards and exploring the world of augmented reality advertising. This unlocks a level of interactivity that’s another component of 21st-century advertising and enables consumers to access unique content, get more interaction, or buy products on the spot.

Why Use AI in Advertising?

The data insight that AI technology offers is the foundation of the benefits it offers advertisers and their marketing efforts. But it’s worth discussing how those benefits manifest:

  • Audience engagement – The average person encounters up to 10,000 advertisements every day. The ones they remember are engaging and response-driven. These days, that often means using technology like marketing AI to personalize an ad campaign, make the ad space interactive, or give the consumer control over how they experience the ad.
  • Works with other ad methods – AI-powered OOH advertising has the potential to boost your brand’s profile among consumers. For example, AI billboards can combine precision targeting and geographic analytics to help boost customer engagement and bring people into your store or get them to visit your website or social media platforms.
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